Introduction to Agile Lunch

What is Agile Lunch?

The Concept:

It's similar to the Lean Coffee, but over lunch! There won't be any sticky notes necessary to write topics on and vote. There is typically food and drinks. The beauty is that you have the freedom to choose the people you want to have a conversation with. You are enticed to direct the conversation in a way to be valuable to you and others, and re-iterate.

The History:

It started with a conversation over a beer. Two agile enthusiasts were discussing why all the meetups are happening after work hours? How about getting together for lunch? It's much easier and already time-boxed.

These two people started the first meetup using and a google groups mailing list. To their surprise, their lunch meetings were successful. People were showing up, exchanging ideas, and meeting new people. Based on the community's feedback they changed the domain to Later on, being supported by Agile Alliance, the community got a chance to expand through the Meetup platform. That's how the Toronto chapter of the Agile Lunch has been born.

We would encourage you to try the Agile Lunch, you might start very little. However, you can always rely on the community to support you, and guide you. You can always rely on us!